10109-E McDonald Park Rd, Sidney BC

Our Business

We are a Wholesale Company located in Sidney BC we sell only on Vancouver Island. We sell cabinet doors, hardware, cabinets and mouldings . All our products are domestic and manufactured in British Columbia there by keeping jobs and profits in B.C… We sell many types of Cabinet Doors such as Vinyl, Wood, MDF doors and Crown mouldings.

I have worked in the construction industry for 18 years, I am a cabinet maker by trade, and I have been involved in wholesale doors for the last 14 years. At age 19 I had started working with a company building high end homes. After being in construction for 5 years, I had started my apprenticeship in millwork. Since then I have worked with a few millwork shops. I had worked at Harbour City Kitchens for 7 years, where I had many positions including CNC programming, overseeing the production and assembly lines, custom millwork and filling in pretty much wherever needed. Just before starting my own business, I worked for a cabinet door wholesaler for the last 14 years.

~Carlos Perdigao, Owner

You can reach us by phone at 778-351-2007 

Or by email at styleline@shaw.ca ✉

Please contact us for more details on all our products.

– Carlos Perdigao, Owner